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Sicily - Western Coast

Sicily - Western Coast 

If you are in search of the deepest experience of original Sicilian life, you should head for the western area of the island: Marsala vineyards, excellent cuisine and accommodation, tranquillity and wonders of the Antiquity.
If you are into nature you will find pleasure in the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro (Picture 1). If you want to have an insight into history, there is Levanzo (Picture 2) and other towns with their prehistoric pictures. For architectural interests head for Marsala, Trapani and Mazara del Vallo Kasbah (Picture 3). North Africa has left in this area its indelible mark…so did the baroque and the Greeks.

Not to be missed

Have a passeggiata around the little alleys of Erice dating back to the Middle Ages.
Head for the Egadi Islands, a paradise of pristine waters for divers and swimmers.
Stroll around and try not to get lost in the Kasbah of Mazara del Vallo.
Be enchanted with the ruins of the Greek world left on Sicily. Spectacular¡¡