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This minute wonderful village will be stamped in your memory for ever, enchanting captivating yet its size. Scopello developed around a manor house lording over the tonnara, the tuna processing plant, located at a lower level on the beach. This picturesque village of bleached white walled houses and stone paved street appears to be coming out of 50s Italian classic.


What to See and Do


Scopello’s most inviting draw is accounted for having a lovely bathing cove beside the tonnara to swim in its crystal clear water. The tuna processing plant (Picture 2) was operating from the 13th century up to the 1980s. The plant which is deserted today is edged with anchors dropped around it and left out outdoors to rust. The platform overflows with holidaymakers basking in the sun in the summertime, enjoying the sound of waves breaking against the platform. The cove lies in a spitting distance from the village and is escorted by two lofty rock towers sticking out like sentinels. Another more tranquil beach day can be spent on the sandy coasts of Riserva Naturale delle Zingaro where you can get after walking for 2 km or by an early bus that leaves

from the village.


Where to Eat


Scopello, due to its influx of tourists is prepared for a hearty welcome when it comes to eating. Surroundings and food are good and even better than you may imagine.
Ristorante Torre Bennistra boasts a good restaurant where views, superb wine cellar and heavenly food create an excellent choice.
La Tavernetta’s celebrated restaurant draws a great deal of guests for its tasty fish and seafood that guests feast on in the dining room or in the terrace.
Ristorante La Terrazza dominates views over the adorable cove. The service is impeccable, welcoming and 100% trustworthy. Pastas, swordfish and its tempting wine cellar are its core draws.

How to Get to/away


BY BUS: from/to Castellammare del Golfo (length:30 minutes, services : 4 a day. One of them calls at Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro ( length:20 minutes).