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Ragusa is becoming more and more a recognized tourist destination. The city currently consists of two well defined areas Upper Ragusa in the heights, whose winding streets descend to Ragusa Ibla (the old part of town) lorded over by baroque spires. The earthquake in 1693 destroyed Ragusa Ibla as many other towns in the area crumbled . Part of its population settled on the highest part of the hill and High Ragusa grew up. However, the aristocrats were determined to reconstruct Ragusa Ibla and from then on the city took a new breath of life with a different architectural style as well. The two parts of the town fused in 1927. The winding stairs, roads or buses are the ways to go from one part to the other.
Ragusa has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002, thanks to the historical and cultural value of eighteen of its buildings.
For more information about Ragusa, the following is the tourist information office’s link: www.ragusaturismo.it (written in Italian).


Where to Eat


Locanda di Don Serafino set in Ragusa Ibla is one of the most renowned restaurant on the island, built where there was the mansion’s stable. Its vaulted roofs witness the best cuisine and excellent wine.

Gelati di Vini, for a delightful dessert at any time of the day,  offers heavenly delicious flavours, most of which are scented with wine.

Al Borgo for its setting in front of the cathedral is perfect to watch the passeggiata while eating any of its culinary delights.

At good prices, La Rusticana offers hearty food, meat and fish dishes, sheltered by its vine “roofed terrace.

Ai Lumi Trattoria combines elegance, local delicacies, good prices and nice setting to watch the passeggiata.

Cuccina e Vino has been awarded by the Slow Food guide, and offers a precious terrace giving onto the street where guests can relish their exceptional dishes with uncommon combinations such as ricotta ravioli in pork juice or stews of pork belly and tomato.

Orfeo, which is set in High Ragusa,  has been also highly rated by Slow Food guide, and serves simple Sicilian cuisine of dishes based on seafood and fish to which they add lamb, veal, pork and sausages.

Il Barocco’s dishes are sought-after that you will need to book ahead. The food is just magnificent and is served in the dining room or on the kerbside.

The formality of the five-star Ristorante Duomo mingles with hospitability and the creativity of dishes which are loyal to traditional ingredients. The atmosphere is close for there are five different dining rooms to seat guests.

How to Get to/ away/around


BY BUS: from Ragusa to Catania (length: 1 ¾ hour, services: 10 a day, Mon-Sat, 5 Sat-Sun), from Ragusa to Modica (length: 20 min, services: 16 a day, Mon-Sat), from Ragusa to Noto (length: 2 hours, services: 11 a day, Mon-Sat), Syracuse (length: 2 ½ hours, services 10 a day, Mon-Sat)
BY PLANE: Catania’s airport is the closest one ( 97 km away from Ragusa).

BY TRAIN: from Syracuse (length: 2 ¼ hours , services: 8 a day), from Noto (length. 1 ¾ hour, services: 8 a day) and from Gela (length: 1 ¼ hour, services: 6 a day).