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Petralia Soprana



Petralia Soprana ( Pitralia Suprana in  Sicilian ) is part of the Province of Palermo, sitting approximately 70 km away from Palermo. It lies in the highest part of the highest hill lording over part of the scenery of the Parco delle Madonie where it is situated and  Petralia Sottana which sits beneath Petralia Soprana.


What to See and Do


Among the small towns in this region of Sicily  it is one that has been well kept and whose picturesque style resembles a story book’s. it is inhabited by 3,630 people which provides it with a very close atmosphere. Its houses built in rough stone are presided by twisted-shape wrought iron balconies where geraniums bloom. Piazza del Popolo is a World War First memorial erected in the main square by Antonio Ugo in 1929.
The outstanding Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto was built in the 18th century and  houses Giacomo Mancini’s Madonna and its altar piece was created by Gagini. Going out of the church, turn right, walk under an arch and you will find the town’s belvedere.
The cathedral also should be visited. It is situated close to  Piazza dei Quattro Cannoli and features an 18th  century portico.