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Parco delle Madonie



Between Palermo and Cefalù the park was created in 1989 by the Regione Sicilia stretching over an area of 40,000 hectares The park includes not only natural settings but also towns and villages which deserve a visit: the Madonie mountain range, its highest peak in Pizzo Carbonara of 1979 metres high, some of the highest mountains is Sicily, and towns or villages such as Castelbuono, Petralia Soprana and Gibilmanna. In the park nature perfectly mingles with human constructions. Therefore visitors will stroll about in this beautiful setting and see pieces and buildings that tell part of the history of the island.


What to See and Do


Summer days beckon Palermo inhabitants to ride to the park, toss a blanket and picnic in such a magnificent display of natural beauty, or drive through the park and enjoy all the different sceneries it offers. In winter it boasts good skiing slopes. Parco delle Madonie is not the only place on the island to go skiing for Mount Etna is also another perfect option.
Ente Parco delle Madonie whose headquarters are in Petralia Sottana, and whose branch office is in Cefalù, is in charge of the park and offers information, walks and supplies the 1:50000 map of the park and its strolling paths. Please, for more information link www.parcodellemadonie.it

(written in Italian).
The park boundaries surround 200-milion year old rocks where the whole span of geological periods of sicily can be observed. The area is well signed for visitors and has provided the University of Palermo’s students and lecturers to increase their knowledge about the area. Fossils are scattered all over the area even in churches’ walls, steps and limestone structures. Parco delle Madonie has always been geologists from all over the world’ s paradise.


How to Get to/away


BY BUS: there is a service from Palermo to Cefalù and Castelbuono, Geraci Siculo, Gangi, Isnelo, Gibilmanna and other mountain towns. Castelbuono (length. 45 minutes, services: 7 a day, Mon- Sat, 2 on Sat) and Gibilmanna (length: 20 minutes, services: 3 a day, Mon-Sat) are the most frequently serviced .
BY CAR: it is recommendable to rent a car in Palermo or Cefalù to relish all the sites of scenic interest and make the most of your trip.