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This central Sicilian town is characterized by its baroque style. Leonforte was established in 1610. It is situated on the SS121. This picturesque town boasts a beautiful monument to the baroque style, the Palazzo Baronale, whose intricately ornate façade catches the attention of any passer-by. Check out the cathedral of Leonforte and its wooden sculptures.
What shouldn´t be missed in this small central town is the Granfonte, fountain created by Nicolò Branciforte. It is situated off the cathedral down a signposted lane. The fountain is a composition of 24 jets which spurt water against a sculpted façade. A beautiful piece of art.

How to Get to/from

BY BUS: buses connecting Enna and Leonforte ( duration: 35 minutes, services: 12 a day, Mon-Fri, only 2 a day on Saturday). Tickets are sold on the bus or at Bar Venticinque (Leonforte).