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To recreate the jousts held in the Middle Ages, the "Giostra dei Chiaramonte" takes place every year in August. The festival is held to celebrate the foundation of the County of Modica. The combatants-knights that represent the eight quarters of Modica joust like in the medieval times when the games were held in honour of. Madonna delle Grazie. Swords, axes, battle-axes and armours transport everyone to the past. The celebration is a real feast for all those who love history and fun as it is brings to present all the features jousts had then.

About 3rd March the Eurochocolate festival is held in Modica. In those days everyone can observe how the production of chocolate is made. The recipe for making chocolate in Modica has remained loyal to the ingredients and instructions brought by the Spanish to Europe after they discovered America. Chocolate is not mass-produced in Modica, which gives it an unsurpassed flavour. Sugar, cocoa and natural flavourings such as vanilla, orange and hot pepper are added. It is said that Mayans found in chocolate magical power, and that a cup of chocolate let the soul free and show its desires and inner dreams. Not to be missed.