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Main Cities


Calascibetta was founded in the middle of the 10th century when the Arabs settled in nearby Enna during the siege of Enna. Today the town is reached crossing the valley along the A19.
Roger I also established himself in the same place in the 11th century to lay siege to Enna in the Arabs hands at the time.
The Cathedral of Saint Peter built in the 14th century is found on one fo the narrow streets which form the labyrinth of the town.
Another site worth visiting is its Necropolis di Realmese, with free entrance all day. The necropolis features about 300 rock tombs from the 9th and 8th century BC. The old cemetery is approximately 1 km north of Calascibetta.

How to Get to/from

BY BUS: from Enna buses depart from the principal bus station (services: 11 a day from Mon-Sat, only 2 a day on Sun).