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Caccamo, which is situated 521m above sea level on top of a hill, is worth a visit which sits on the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily.


What to See and Do


The town is watched over by the castle (Picture 1) erected by the Normans in 1093 on the rocky sticking piece of the mountain, looking over a cliff. When its construction started, the town was officially founded, though there are records of the place being a Carthaginian strongly defended construction that caused problems to Himera’s plans on the area. In the 14th century the Chiaramontes increased the castle’s size which turned it into one of the biggest in Italy. Its walls and fortifications are interesting for their creative ways to keep intruders away from the castle. From the castle, magnificent views of the scenery can be admired and is now being turned into a conference centre. In the 50s its population started deserting the city. So far, Caccamo’s inhabitants number has been halved. However it is not noticeable because of the bustling traffic-filled streets. The Cathedral of Caccamo (Picture 2) was built in the 11th century and was modified in the 15th century and the 17th century. Its sacristy houses Francesco Laurana’s carvings which deserve admiration: Madonna with Child and Angels and Saints Peter and Paul. Chiesa dell’Anime del Purgatorio sits next door to the cathedral and boasts beautiful stuccowork, an 18th century organ and catacombs under the church. There the skeletons of some Caccamo’s inhabitants are in the niches that line the walls. This burial tradition was finished in 1863. Luckily, there is a tour guide to show you around the church and give interesting details of it.
From the town beautiful views of the scenery can be admired. These vistas reach Rosmarina lake, a man-made lake which the construction of a dam in 1993 created. The dam’s building arouse opposition for a stone bridge dating back to 1307 and the road that led to Palermo were left underwater.


Where to Eat


La Castellana is set in a place which served as grain storage for the castle. It offers an atmospheric sinning room and affordable dishes, serving the most frequently chosen dishes such as pasta with fennel and pizza.


How to Get to/away


BY BUS: from Termini Imerese there is a bus ( length: ½ hours, services: 14 a day, Mon-Sat).